Google Glass Source Code Released to the Public


The past week saw Google open up Google Glass for developers. This was done quietly on April 27th. The code is available as a Linux tarball under the GPLv2 license. Based on Android 4.04, the code is expected to be kept next to all other android kernel source trees. Google had already released technical details on the hardware support for the new kernel with the first devices coming with 16GB-flash onboard storage. From this kernel reserved memory was 4GB with the user getting 12GB. The personal storage is synced with the users’ Google Drive cloud.


The device supports 802.11b/g wi-fi and Bluetooth for networking. Support for 802.11n has been excluded to save power. Currently Google Glass is said to run for 24 hours without recharging. Glass has an OMAP 4430 CPU (a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor) running at either 1 to 1.2GHz, information that was collected by Jay Lee, a developer, from the device’s USB debug mode.