Samsung said to be working on a Google Glass competitor, Gear Glass


google glass

Wearable tech, as Google’s Glass and the emerging smart watches are commonly referred to may not be huge right now but for tech enthusiasts and early adopters, they are. And they are bound to get bigger if what insider Eldar Murtazin just shared on his Twitter feed eventually happens. Samsung is said to be working on a competitor to Google’s Glass that will be named Gear Glass.

Gear Glass is a curious name though. Maybe because the glasses will also tie-in with the rumoured Galaxy Gear 2?

Google Glass is yet to get into the hands of consumers with just a few units (Explorer Edition) being in the hands of beta testers and cost a whopping $1500 to pre-order. The consumer version of Google Glass should be available next year at around the same time that the Gear Glass is expected to go on sale in major markets. Gear Glass could see an April or May launch according to reports though that seems less likely as it is around that time that Samsung is usually busy pushing its Galaxy S flagship device rigorously in various markets with huge marketing campaigns. Maybe an early 2014 announcement just like it did with the “Youm” flexible display and then product roll out later in the year just like we are now expecting that mysterious Galaxy device with a curved display.


Via: Twitter