Is Google Glass good for you?

google glass

As with every great & new technology users are are always wary of some things. Below are some of those concerning Glass.

Privacy (private & external)
Concerns have been raised by various sources regarding intrusion of privacy.Privacy advocates are concerned that people wearing such eyewear may be able to identify strangers in public using facial recognition, or surreptitiously record and broadcast private conversations,although privacy, in general, may not be guaranteed in public locations. In February 2013, a Google+ user noticed legal issues with Glass and posted in the Glass Explorers community about the issues, stating that the device may be illegal to use according to the current legislation in Russia and Ukraine.
Concerns have also been raised in regards to operating motor vehicles while wearing the eye wear.

Radiation ~ For the sceptics
This is a recurring issue amongst many a technologies.

As every emerging device has to be passed through this…are there app for it? If so? How many?

Battery Life
We currently have amongst the worst battery life spans of gadgets within the last 15 yrs. How will Google Glass overcome this & yet stay small, thin & light?

Users have struggled with the new windows 8 for quite a while yet the change was dismal. What if like in the case of Glass, the hardware & software hail from planet mars?


All the above may be valid arguments, some weightier than others. Let’s consider that listening to music on Pandora that’s streamed from some data centre, the concept of Google Glass and the ramifications of wearable computing do not seem so extreme. Pandora is an app based upon complex algorithms that uses the concepts of the ”human genome” to know what music to play. It will continue to play music based upon what I like and what other people listen to as well. The Note II beeps when I have a new message. A laptop is a stationary console of its own that I stare into for attaining some – any – form of wisdom.
In short they all have info. on you, they all are simulating artificial intelligence in one form or the other. Glass is an aggregated device increased in features, increased in AI.

To me, this shows that a future of man, smart technology and cloud data (artificial technology) is already here but the errs of the past have to be dealt with in order for futuristic tools like Google Glass to have relevance.


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