Nokia gives Samsung a taste of their own medicine in new Youtube Video

Nokia Lumia Ad

Nokia Lumia Ad

Nokia’s most recent ad for the Lumia 920 range is a poke of fun at Samsung Apple rivalry. If you have been following the mobile scene you are pretty much aware of the rivalry between Apple and Samsung, and how successful Samsung was at painting iPhone and iPhone users in a bad light as some brainwashed lot. Well, seems Nokia wants in on the pie and has decided to attack them both in this ad.

The setting is at a wedding that is finally disrupted by Samsung and Apple devices users. It starts with the vows taking when all are eager to take photos, when one Samsung Tab user at the front is provoked by an iPhone user on the opposite aisle. It develops into s fully fledged passion fight between the two camps after repeated exchanges that included words like auto-correct, poppycock and iSheep. One searching in the Apple app store for a Karate app.

It all ends with two waiters with Lumia 920showing how docile and disinterested they are in the grumbling and searching for an app to stop the fight. Who can bet with me that a sequel from either Apple or Samsung is coming out soon?