Cloud Computing – A savior for SMEs in a Shark infested market

cloud computing

In whatever industry you can think of, competition for market-share is cut-throat. Blue-chip companies are hounding the smaller fish out of the market place and the multinationals are closing in from every angle with the liberalized world trade.

In all this push and shove, startups, small, medium and micro-enterprises have to tap on their advantages now more than ever in order to survive and thrive.

One of the main advantages for small business is agility. Due to their small size, SMEs are able to make decisions faster, offer a personal touch with the client, shift rapidly and adapt to change and spot weaknesses much faster.

How about business software…..?

Integrated business software or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems have for long been used by the big corporates to improve efficiency and increase productivity. The same have been out of reach for SMEs

Along came cloud computing. Cloud computing allows you to access business application software at a fraction of the cost of the ERPs. For SMEs this means that the playing field can now be leveled – at least in terms of business software. One can now access Finance, HR, Marketing and CRM software online without the need for any installations and high license fees

One such cloud solution is Cleanbill Online Applications. They offer SMEs payroll, finance, document management and website management all in one central login. The beauty of it being that you don’t have to subscribe to all applications – just the ones you require. In addition the business reports you get help you as an entrepreneur make better business decisions for your SME.

If any SME wants to remain significant in today’s market dynamics then cloud computing is the way to go.