Amazon Server Outage Hits Major Websites

Amazon server down for 2 hours

Major websites that serve millions across the globe were affected by an outage within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud server. The Amazon server outage experienced yesterday evening has since been resolved.

However, it took up to two hours to resolve the issue putting a number of services out of business. On the Amazon Web Service health board, a statement read: “Our engineering teams were immediately engaged and began investigating. We quickly narrowed down the root cause to be an issue with a subsystem responsible for capacity management for AWS Lambda, which caused errors directly for customers.”

New sites were affected and could not update their status. The Associated Press was hit at a crucial time. This was because the outage happened when former US President Donald Trump was about to leave court.

Verge, the tech news platform tweeted they were unable to update their homepage.

Numerous concerned customers of AWS cloud took to social media to lament and ask if the outage was unique to them. Needless to say, others took to social media as they could not access their favourite sites.

Amazon Server Outage Affects Food and Dating Sites

During the outage, the dating site OkCupid was offline and users were unable to access it. Food delivery was an issue as MacDonald’s app could not process requests. Also, Taco Bell services in the USA were affected.

Furthermore, ticket booking for Delta Airlines were affected by the AWS outage last night. Gamers were not left out. The gaming platform Fortnite was inaccessible to gamers.

Lastly, businesses relying on customer relationship management (CRM) system Zapier experienced service unavailability. The platform was unable to automate emails, create social media posts, or adding new leads.

It may be impossible to count the exact number of sites and services that experienced mixed output due to the amazon server outage. 

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