Former Angani Co-founders launch Cloud Infrastructure Startup Node Africa


One of the highlights of Kenya’s tech startup scene was the Angani story. The CEO and CTO left the company in unclear circumstances with many speculating as to what happened. Today, the former CEO and CTO have launched a new startup called Node Africa offering information management services as well as  cloud infrastructure. The company launched 6 weeks ago and will utilize third party infrastructure solutions in delivery of solutions to clients.

 How does this work?

According to Node Africa CEO Phares Kariuki, the company is seeking to provide consulting, support and peace of mind to clients.

“Our focus is customer satisfaction. As a company, we will work with our clients in providing the best solution to them and not our infrastructure”, he added.

In a typical  situation, a client engages Node Africa, who then analyze the needs of the clients and creates a solution around it.
Node Africa then engages its various partners and figures, which solution provides value for the client. Once the solution is deployed, Node will then offer support to the client  to ensure the derive maximum utilities from this solution.
Node Africa

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Node is already rolling out infrastructure and has partnered with Cisco, Microsoft and Vmware as a reseller of their cloud solutions.

The startup has already rolled out infrastructure including Cisco servers and will be running vmware with one availability zone and one more planned.

It has already signed up clients including Pesapal and Strathmore University. Node Africa’s growth plans include rolling out a public cloud in the next 6-9 months, roll-back of Net Apps on its platform as well as hosted collaboration on Cisco to allow users manage their telephony needs.