How Does DataBank fair Against Local Competitors



Cloud computing has been growing exponentially in Kenya and the African continent in general. Most people think of cloud as solution deployed for enterprise users. This is not accurate as Kenya and the African continent in general is a mobile first technology adopter, which inadvertently makes them a cloud first adopter. How exactly? think of email, mobile applications and  messaging services. The memory constraints of such devices make it practically impossible to store all this data in a device,making cloud a solution.

The laying of fiber optic led to increase in the number of data centers  which offered a platform through which cloud computing services would be deployed.  Business outsourcing and managed services are also catalysts of cloud computing adoption.  Data Bank is one such cloud solution targeting enterprise users and deployed under the Iaas model offering users desktop virtualization, automation of services, backup solutions,  data recovery services and end-to-end data security.

What sets DataBank apart?

Data Bank supports a wide range of applications from Oracle,  VMware, My-SQL besides covering all major operating systems. This ensures that the customer enjoys a holistic and unified experience when using DataBank cloud solutions. What sets it apart from the competition is the SLAs and guarantees. One of the main hindrances of cloud adoption in Kenya has been  security concerns. Data Bank offers security guarantees by implementing 256 AES encryption and SSL connection that guarantees the user utmost data security. In cases of outages or loss of data, the security implementation allows you to restrict restores to specific computers, IP addresses and locations offering better safeguards than most market solutions.

A cloud computing solution needs to be convenient for both the business and end user, allowing them to get maximum utilities from their solution. Data Bank enforces convenience by ensuring their solution is fully automated. It offers both automated back ups and automated restoration of data ensuring customers saves on time resources. DataBank offers regular summaries of back up reports. The reports track  progress of your back ups, with reports sent as notifications to the user’s email address. It also issues alerts in case of errors in backup, which users can correct. The beauty of the back ups is that they do not interrupt normal schedule and run in the background.

Deployment of cloud computing is expensive with the returns and benefits sometimes taking longer to recoup. DataBank offers a simplified pay-as-you-go model with subscriptions starting on a monthly basis. The payment plan is firstly competitive  and measured based on the amount of data an enterprise has. The payment plan also ensures organizations get a bundled services in tandem with their very specific needs.