Galaxy S 4 Accessories available at launch in Kenya

Extended Battery Kit

Vehicle Dock Kit

Samsung launched the Galaxy S 4 earlier this week in Kenya. During launch, Samsung displayed several of their huge list of accessories that are available through the brand shops and Samsung Partners. The Galaxy S 4 has some 13 official accessories. The ones that were displayed at launch are the Flip Cases, S View Cases, Wireless Charging pad, Wireless charging cover, Multimedia dock, Vehicle dock kit, HDTV Adapter and Extra Battery Kit.

Their pricing is as below, note these are recommended retail prices that may vary depending on outlet.

Flip Cases and S View Cases are priced at Kshs 2,000, the latter is the better proposition as it has a see through panel that allows you view notifications, tims and answer calls without opening the cover. Saves you from touching the screen just for accepting calls.;

Wireless Charging pad is priced at Kshs 4000 and it requires a wireless charging cover to work, this is priced at Kshs 3000.

The HDTV adapter allows you to connect to the standard HDMI cable, comes in handy if you want to watch a movie from your device without moving it, that is if you do not have other advantages like Allshare Play working for your TV. The price for this is Kshs 2,200.

The vehicle dock for those of us who can’t do without answering calls while driving, or do use navigation, the Vehicle Dock is priced at Kshs 1,500.

The Extra battery Kit comes in handy when you need to have another battery charging while you discharge the other, that is if you do alot of media consumption or other power draining activities, price for this is Kshs 2,800.

Multimedia Dock has been around since the Galaxy Note II but it never gets outdated. It’s a dock and at the same time a connector wo make your device to have computer-like functionality. You can add a mouse, keyboard and HD monitor via the three USB ports to have a complete computer feel. In my opinion this is the best accessory there is and you can get much productivity off it, see how it made a computer out of a Galaxy Note II. Price for this is Kshs 4500.

Screen protectors are also available for sale in the same shops. Previously Samsung didn’t come out loud about the accessories available and retailers would ship in one or two of these. Now we are seeing more of these as accessories go mainstream in this market.


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