The accessories dilemma you will get when you buy a Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Accessories

Samsung’s newest flagship device the Galaxy S 4 is proving to be quite a success even before it hits the markets. The general interest it has accumulated is huge, and Samsung added fuel to this fire by predicting 10 million device sales in the first month. This can be best seen by the number of accessories in each category by independent vendors. As a vendor or manufacturer you don’t bet on a product you feel iffy about. Samsung will start shipping the Galaxy S 4 to many markets from next week. The South Africa launch will be happening later this week and same goes to availability in markets like the UK.

Online gadget and accessory shops are filled to the brim with Galaxy S 4 accessories, many made for the first time specifically for the Galaxy S 4. Samsung on it’s own has over 13 different accessories that will start shipping as soon as the Galaxy S 4 hits the markets.

These are, as usual the Samsung Flip cover in black, white and other fancy colours, the Galaxy S 4 View cover that is actually custom made for showing notifications while covered, Galaxy S 4 protective hard cover that covers only the sides, the Galaxy S 4 Extra Battery Kit, the Galaxy S 4 Game pad, Galaxy S 4 leather pouch, the Galaxy S 4 ML HDTV Adapter, the Galaxy S 4 Band Fitness Bracelet also in numerous colours, Galaxy S 4 Wireless Charging Pad, Galaxy S 4 Wireless Charging Cover, Stereo Headset, Galaxy S 4 Body Scales and last but not least the Galaxy S 4 Heart Rate Monitor.

These are quite a handful, coming from one vendor, and a number of them quite useful. Other vendors are also on the shelves with their product offerings competing for a piece of the Galaxy S 4 cake. You and I the consumers will naturally have to make a choice as to which of these accessories to spend money on and which ones to leave and add to the list of great accessories that will stay permanently on your wish list.

Personally, the crown goes to the Hard Cover Plus  pictured above that covers the edges without getting the phone bulky, the view cover also comes in handy in that you can actually answer calls without needing to flip it open, while protecting the screen full-time.  The HD TV adapter is also a nice thing that could actually make your gaming experience awesome if you connect it to the HD TV via a HDMI Out cable. Health freaks are also covered with the Rate Monitor, the Body scales and the S Band fitness bracelet. One vendor went as far as to develop a sports arm band that you could run with your phone stuck to your arm. I will be covering these soon when I have information on what is available in which markets.


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