Samsung tops in Q1 Smartphone sales for all regions except North America

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samsung logoSamsung came out of Q1 with guns blazing and there were casualties, naturally while at it. All major regions Europe, Asia and South Americas showed huge strength in sales for the electronics giant Samsung, only North America came out standing, but projections show that this is not for long.

The biggest show of might was in Europe where Samsung took a whole 44% market-share in smartphones. This is according to Hong Kong based Counterpoint Technology Market Research. In Europe, Apple was second with a 20% market-share and interestingly Sony came third.

Apple scooped a 38% market-share in North America with Samsung second at 28%. But this is actually a growth by Samsung from 20% the previous year, so Counterpoint Technology predicts that Samsung could take the crown within this second quarter when the Galaxy S 4 became available.

The Galaxy s 4 sold over 10 million devices within a month of shipping commencements.

In Asia, Samsung did a strong showing with a 30% market-share , 41% in the Middle east and 41% in Latin America. No data was available for Africa which is clearly not a major smartphone market.

Via: Yonhap News