Google is King in the Mobile Ad Business, Takes Half the Revenue


$8.8 billion was spent on mobile ads last year and half of this sum went to Google. eMarketer reports that Google took 52.36 percent of the total worldwide expenditure on mobile ads placing it ahead of Facebook, Twitter and Millenial Media. Google, Facebook and Twitter are responsible for a huge chunk of mobile advertising revenues worldwide. Other companies in this sector such as Apple and Millenial Media are losing their grip on these revenues despite having maintained strong business growth.
Google also took 31.46 percent of the overall revenues from online advertising in 2012. At $32.73 billion dollars Google leads other internet companies with Facebook taking 4.11 percent and Yahoo taking 3.37 percent. Digital ads represented a 20 percent of  the $502.98 billion spent on ads across all media in 2012. Google enjoys 6.2 percent of the ad market taking into account the global spending on ads across all media.