It’s Change of systems as Huawei appoints Deborah-Anne Strydom for ESA Management Position

Deborah Ann
Deborah Ann
Ms Deborah-Anne Strydom

Huawei today made an announcement that might mean a change of the way things happen within the firm. They appointed the first non-Chinese globally to head such a senior position. Coming from Huawei this is quite a fete after years of strict positioning of the big guys to be Chinese in every region globally.

Ms Deborah-Anne Strydom is the new Assistant Director (in Charge) of the Contract Commercial and Fulfilment Department for the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Region. Risk management, Contract Management, commercial management, negotiation support and project contract management are her new roles.

She comes from a background of almost 3 years in Huawei where she started as Senior Contracts Manager for ESA Region, was nominated as member in Contract Support Office (CSO) Subject Matter Expert team with strategic involvement in the global contract support office. Uganda currently has a non-Chinese country CEO Mr. Radoslaw Kedzia who was appointed in May this year, he was also the first non-Chinese to head such a position in the region.


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