After steering clear of Redmond, LG reportedly going back the Windows Phone way

LG Optimus 7 Press


LG Optimus 7 Press

LG has for the longest time stayed away from Windows Phone and decided to concentrate on Android for their smartphone agenda.

Building Windows phone devices is not for the faint-hearted, not with the 3.2% marketshare and Nokia already taking more than 80% of Windows phone marketshare and with devices across the range from the lowest at $183 to the most high end of them. HTC comes a distant second.

So LG Is reportedly working on a Windows Phone 8 device, either they have managed to see it as a worthy venture or Redmont has coaxed them into it. LG India’s Managing Director Soon H Kwon says that LG is currently working on it’s Windows smartphone and the device is currently in R&D stage, launch details and timelines have not been decided though according to Kwon.

“Android is the major platform globally, given its acceptance and penetration. Although, we believe that Windows will pick up going ahead, as Microsoft is pumping efforts into it,” Kwon added.

This goes to show that they have finally seen the potential in Windows Phone and want to be there when it finally scales. Even though Windows Phone now stands at 3.2% marketshare globally according to IDC, critics and users alike are looking at it differently, thanks to Nokia’s way of doing things. Nokia services, trusted hardware and iron fist positioning in the market may finally be yielding fruit, albeit slowly.

LG managed to make a serious impact after the partnership with Google for the Nexus 4 device which placed LG among leaders in Android with market acceptance to the point of going second in the USA and ousting Apple. This might have made a case for them to venture again in the Windows foray with more confidence.

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