Samsung Super-LTE Galaxy S 4 sells 150,000 units in 14 days, Black mist and White frost introduced


Galaxy s4 lte-a black

The thrill of speed is not limited to cars and speed-boats, data speeds is also another frontier where speeds are adored. And South Korea’s got the speeds catered for. With South Korea’s SK Telecom having 2.4 million LTE subscribers as of mid last year and projections of full LTE subscription by 2014, the country sure does have fast LTE adoption. Estimates of over 30% LTE subscribers were done for earlier in the year with 14% or 7 million South Koreans being active LTE subscribers.

Samsung released a Galaxy S 4 variant for the market late last month, the Galaxy S 4 LTE-A that is capable of doing speeds of up-to 150 Mbps running the newest high end processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 800. Reports have it that the device has already hit 150,000 in sales within South Korea in less than 15 days of commercial availability.

Launched in two colours, Arctic Blue and Aurora Red last month, the smartphone will now be available in two other colours, Black Mist and White Frost, the first colours the Galaxy S 4 came in.