Safaricom to launch Chattitude, a Ksh 10 daily subscription product for social media access

Safaricom Chattitude

Safaricom Chattitude

Safaricom will tomorrow launch a 60 day promotion for their new product called Chattitude. Chattitude is a subscription model data product that will require a user to subscribe by dialing *544# to access Kaa Social na Chattitude that will see them access Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook social media sites all day for Kshs 10.

This is allows them to access a daily limit of 20MB when accessing the three social media sites. Any other site will be accessed separately, off the bundle and on the usual data bundles or airtime.

The promotion is tied to the SIM card, so you subscribe and that SIM card will have Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp access all day. Access is limited to the official Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter apps hence when you access through third party apps like Tweetcaster and the likes you access using the usual bundles. The service will be available for both PostPay and PrePay subscribers.