Microsoft Office Mobile hits Android Store

Microsoft Office Android

Microsoft Office Android

So Microsoft Mobile on Android was on the way even after we cursed over its availability only on Windows and iOS. Well, it’s finally here for Android, albeit with limited capabilities. Office Mobile hit iOS store for iPhones and iPads mid last month.

Office Mobile for Android is tied to Office 365 and requires you to be subscribed to the service. The applications available to you are Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point, and of-course this allows you to add the Android device as an extra to install in your Office 365 devices.

As long as you have that, and ofcourse a minimum of Android 4.0 you are good to go. In my opinion, Android tablets and smartphones will have the advantage that Windows phones and tablets had previously. I think you are now completely good with and Android tablet.

[UPDATE] The app is not available in East Africa as yet. Not sure where else. Holla if you have access, or not.


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