Nigeria: Business turns ugly as Tecno engages Mobile phone dealers in tussle

Tecno N3

Tecno N3

Business rivalry turning ugly started in the times of Cain and Abel, it’s not a new thing. Just the magnitude and the players change. Tecno, a dumb phone OEM turned smartphone OEM engaged one in Nigeria with mobile phone dealers and the results were not anywhere near comfortable.

HumanIPO reports that Tecno in the move to become the largest mobile handsets vendor in Nigeria engaged in dirty moves where they are said to have taken down dealers of movile phones in Lagos. This is said to have happened at Computer Village in lagos.

The Nigeria Phone Dealers Association through their president Godfrey Lyke Nwosu accused Tecno of underhand methods to capture the handsets market, an allegation that Tecno General Manager in Nigeria Chidi Okonkwo refuted saying that Tecno was a peaciful brand with no such motive.

“We are not behind the recent raid of the market by SON. The truth is that SON is a statutory body in Nigeria and Tecno cannot and will not influence its action on the market,” said Chidi Okonkwo.

The dealers also faced a raid from the Standards Organization of Nigeria that resulted in impounding of devices, they accused Tecno of tipping the organization. Tecno, a Hong Kong company which sells exclusively to Africa is quite huge in Nigeria with cheap Android smartphones and the impact of the company’s sales is being felt in Nigeria. They sell devices like Tecno N3 and the recently launched Tecno Phantom 7.
Source: HumanIPO


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