Purple Galaxy Mega 6.3 Launched In Hong Kong


In what we have come to expect from Samsung, another colour option is now available for the big phablet, the 6.3 inch Galaxy Mega. Purple is the colour.

The Galaxy Mega initially came in just two colours of Black Mist and White Frost and following in the footsteps of other recent Samsung Galaxy devices like the S III, the Note II and the S4, it is also getting an additional colour. Colour is the latest fad in smartphone design and we have seen even Apple get tempted to join the colour race in a surprising departure from its tradition of sticking to metallic silver and coal black for its iPhone colour options. We all know the story of Nokia Lumias and their flashy coloured cases don’t we? Heck even the Galaxy Note 3 got flashy right from the start with a pink flavoured Note 3 being used on stage for the demos at the Samsung 2013 Unpacked Episode 2, a colour that the device will also be available in when it hits markets globally from the 25th of September.

Locally we only have the 5.8 inch Galaxy Mega (which I have been testing for some time and is equally big!) but in case you need a refresh of the Mega 6.3’s specs, you can always have a peek here.

Here is the glorious new purple-flavoured (royal purple?) Galaxy Mega 6.3

Purple Galaxy Mega 6.3 techweez

There is no word yet as to whether this will be available globally or will only be a preserve of Hong Kong and the Far East.