Qualcomm enables developers at Mobile Monday



Qualcomm yesterday stamped it’s presence in Kenya that as a company they’re here to stay and are willing to work with and engage the mobile developer community to leverage better enterprise applications. They also showed that their company is not just about chipsets nor is it just about manufacturing faster and faster processors for computers and smartphones but integrating device components to lower consumer cost on devices.

The company based at Purshottam Place, Chiromo Road, Westlands, Nairobi, revived Mobile Monday Kenya at the *iHub_, inviting mobile developers as well as other mobile and business partners to interact with each other.
Billy Owino, Director of their Kenyan conquest, hailed the existence of mobile developers but urged them to make their applications have enterprise solutions that are not only competitive locally but even globally.

Qualcomm also exposed the developers to their Developer network claiming that this will give developers access to the tools and resources that enable you to create exceptional mobile experiences and bring them to the market.

One of the interesting platforms showcased is the Qualcomm Vuforia™ that transforms real-world objects into interactive experiences for use in gaming, interactive media and instructional applications. With its industry-leading computer vision technology, Vuforia has been embraced by nearly 30,000 developers and adopted by leading global brands to drive engagement with advertisements and product packaging.

According to the Billy Owino, Business Development Manager Qualcomm, “By using Qualcomm Snapdragon SDK’s for Android, developers can differentiate their products and create extraordinary user experiences via the unique and powerful capabilities in Qualcomm’s industry-leading family of Snapdragon processors.” If you’d like to get to know more check out developer.qualcomm.com

Safaricom, Samsung as well as Virtual City, graced the event and advised the developers on various development strategies.