Oppo N1 Will Be The First Smartphone To Carry Cyanogen’s Forked Android

Oppo Find 5

I have been on the Cyanogen case for a while now and since it won’t be dying down soon, here’s the latest: the first device that will be released with Cyanogen’s own version of Android will be Oppo’s N1.

The Oppo N1 is expected to be announced officially at an event in Beijing, China on the 23rd September that is this coming Monday. Cyanogen founder Steve Kondik is seen in the video below acknowledging his presence at the device launch.

Cyanogen widely known for its CyanogenMod ROMs is now a fully-fledged company and no longer a conglomeration of geeks modding stuff just for fun or for the love of their devices. They shocked everyone when they announced that they’ll be taking on full Oss like Windows Phone and Blackberry in the battle for the third major platform after iOS and Android and as things are right now, they have just started the journey to establishing themselves. This could be a big win for the Chinese device manufacturer since Oppo is well known for producing high quality premium devices like the Oppo Find 5 that have struck all the right chords in the various markets they have gone on sale worldwide. Also it is another field day for those who hate carrier and OEM bloatware on their devices since a device running CyanogenMod is as desirable as one running stock Android.


CM is expected to be available for dual-booting with the Oppo N1 and not just the solo OS that the device ships with. Still, it will be the first time we are seeing Cyanogen’s new efforts on any smartphone.