6 Nokia Devices to be Announced on October 22nd

Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia World Abu Dhabi

Invites to the October 22nd “Innovation Reinvented” Nokia event in Abu Dhabi are already in and there is a lot of anticipation for new products from Nokia fans the world over since these will most likely be the devices that defines whether it bows out in style before Microsoft starts calling the shots. Recent news foresee Nokia announcing six devices at the event. That will be quite a lot.

What we know so far is the announcement of only two devices: the rumoured Nokia Sirius tablet going under the name Lumia 2520 and the expected 6 inch Nokia phablet nicknamed Bandit, the Lumia 1520. What will the other four devices be? More Asha phones? New Lumia smartphones? We’re under a month away from finding out.