Android 4.3 Update for Galaxy S4, Note II and Galaxy S III Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung promised during the Galaxy Note III launch event in Berlin early this month that all its flagship devices from last year and this year will soon be getting an update to support the newly launched Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The term used onstage during the event was “next month” and that can only be October. And now people familiar with Samsung device affairs can confirm that the update is indeed on course and will be delivered next month as scheduled.

Over the last 48 hours Samsung has been rolling out an update to Galaxy S4 devices worldwide. Many thought that will be just another maintenance and bug fixes update but no, it serves to lay the ground for the Android 4.3 update that is around the corner. The update currently rolling out for the Galaxy S4 is to update Knox, Samsung’s premium security layer, on the device in readiness for the overhaul that it will receive when the Android 4.3 update is finally here.

Android 4.3 on Samsung devices is expected to bring the new Touchwiz UI that we saw on stage during the Note III event and which is available on the Note III and the Note 10.1 2014 Edition. It will also bring the full security layer of Knox and the obvious: support for Galaxy Gear. In addition all the goodies from Android 4.3 like support for Open GL ES 3.0, Bluetooth Smart and always-on background Wi-Fi. The update will not roll out at a go for all devices but will come in bits with the Galaxy S4 expected to be the first in line to get the update in early October and the rollout to be almost complete by late October in all regions worldwide. Late October should find Galaxy S III owners smiling since the update will be rolling out for their devices then. The Galaxy Note II’s update is slated for November.

Also if you just bought the Galaxy Mega you are in luck. Samsung is said to be testing Android 4.3 on that super-sized phone too.

As is customary, we should see leaked firmwares in the next few days.


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