Tools Your eCommerce Business Can Use to Increase Your Effectiveness

Smartphone on a train

Smartphone on a trainGoogle has been trying to increase its presence on the web even further by offering additional tools and resources. While most of these are not actually targeted at eCommerce stores, they can be adapted to actually make productivity, market reach, and advertising significantly more effective. Here are some of the tools you should be taking advantage of.


One of the most important things for eCommerce store owners is to stay in touch with the latest trends in their industry. Industry trends change quickly, and being ahead of the curve can go a long way toward keeping you on the cutting edge. The problem is that you may not have time to read at regular intervals. In fact, if you’re like the average business person described on, then the only times you have to read will be when you’re riding on a bus, sitting in the bathroom, or other similarly stolen times. Obviously, you can’t guarantee that you will have Internet. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Pocket allows you to save the information that you want to read later so that you can access it at any time you like. Just remember to clean it out. It doesn’t work well as a Favorites folder, as it will slow down if you add too many documents, notes, and articles to read.


For every eCommerce owner, business requires regular email correspondences. Even the increased popularity of the various social media forms has not been enough to reduce the effectiveness of emails. But one of the problems that many business owners face is the fact that the times when they think of sending the emails are not necessarily the best times. Employees need emails at one time, while potential investors and customers need it at others. Boomerang, fortunately, eliminates that problem.

You can write up the emails and then schedule when they’re to be sent out. It’s one of the more reliable programs out there, and it can queue up dozens of emails, even for a single day, covering everything from the latest sales promotion to the requirements for your point of sale system.

Cloud Magic

Cloud Magic works in conjunction with your online email system. It has a more sophisticated search algorithm than even Gmail. Once you install it, it allows you to tag and find emails at a significantly faster rate. If your current inbox has less than 2,000 messages total, then the general search algorithms will probably be enough. But once you pass that limit, you may start to find that your system slows down and the return results may also become less accurate. Cloud Magic works fairly well at eliminating this problem, allowing you to save as much data as you need in your email.

Making the most of the various technological tools and apps can help you increase your effectiveness in your eCommerce business. Pocket allows you to save information from the Internet to read when it’s convenient. Boomerang allows you to queue up emails for sending out at a later date. And Cloud Magic helps you search and sort messages faster.