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mobile app features

Important Features Your Mobile App Needs to Have

Providing users with a great experience should be the main goal you have when creating a new app. Whether your app will be used...
Japanese gamers

Japan’s Mobile Gamers Make Asian Market Strongest in the World

With billions spent on mobile games, even casino operators have taken notice. When we look at the Top Grossing Paid apps on both the...
Car Apps

Smartphone Apps are Changing the Way we Buy Cars

Do you already use your mobile phone to shop online? Many of us have placed a bid on eBay over the phone or even...

GSMA: Sub-Saharan Africa Leads World in Mobile Growth

Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced a significant impact from the region's mobile industry. A study by GMSA shows that the region's mobile sector is set...
Smartphone on a train

Tools Your eCommerce Business Can Use to Increase Your Effectiveness

Google has been trying to increase its presence on the web even further by offering additional tools and resources. While most of these are...

Must Have Apps For Your Next Traveling Adventure

Hitting the road soon? Don't leave home without covering all your bases with these must-have travel apps on your mobile device. From entertainment options...
Mobile apps

Chinese smartphone users willing to pay for premium experience in apps

China is now the largest smartphones market in the world, surpassing the US which with many states and a huge economy had the title....
Galaxy Note II apps

Twelve apps you need on your Galaxy Note II

These are not your usual stylus (S Pen) apps that make the experience different in a huge way than other smartphones. Okay, call it...
MWEA2013 logo

Third Mobile Web East Africa Conference coming to Nairobi

Mobile Web East Africa is back, with a bang. This is one interactive event that hosts players in the mobile ecosystem in Africa, hosted...

Must have Mobile Apps for 2013

Mobile apps are changing the way companies bring products and information to consumers. Billions of cell phone users rely more and more on these...
Mobile apps enterprise

Mobile Apps: What Can They Offer The Business World?

Just a few years ago, apps may have only been used by the techies, but now they are becoming the norm for people of...

5 Essential Android Apps for College Students

University life can take a lot of getting used to as college students enter the world of higher education. College life already comes with a...
Mobile apps enterprise

Why Your Business Should Utilize Mobile Apps

Over the course of the last few years mobile phone apps have not only become globally known, but they have become a way of life...

Why not have iTunes for Android?

Apple co-founder Steve Woz dropped a shocker by asking why it was ok to release iTunes for Windows and not for Android? It is...

No more passwords for your Android device

Data is precious and its security is even much more important. Keeping it safe is another impediment and not an interesting task that we like...
Logo for Track all 2012

African laughter launches PRPro

African laughter launched  PRPro which is a mobile application that runs on Android, Blackberry and iOS. PRPro is a reputation monitor on social media...
Toni Marvaglia at the Edtech Meetup

Interview with Toni Maraviglia, CEO of MPrep

  Toni Maraviglia is quite a busy lady. To get us some time for this interview I had to fit in her calendar, luckily there...

Windows Intune brings in “Bring Your Own Device strategy”.

 Microsoft has of lately acknowledge its best interests to offer third party devices which in its priority includes Apple iOS based devices and Google...
Nokia store apps

Nokia in drive to get local companies to embrace mobile technology

Nokia is calling upon leading corporates and brands in Kenya to take advantage of the Nokia Store to increase interactions with their target audiences through mobile...

Android Ubuntu Installer review

Want to enjoy the popular desktop Linux OS Ubuntu on your Android powered mobile device, it can't get easier than this - the free "Ubuntu Installer"...

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Ruby hack Plugin

“Siri” Apple iPhone 4S app which can only be used commercially only in Canada and USA is under hack. It has been hacked using one...

Adobe Flash development on smartphone abandoned!

Spat between Late Steve Jobs and Adobe Flash is well-known among the tech-circle, surprisingly Adobe has dropped down their weapons and announced not to...

Blackberry Subscribers Offered Free APPs

Blackberry maker Research In Motion said earlier this week it would offer its user free premium applications to download onto their handsets as compensation...

Rho-Mobile to Moto-Rho Application framework

Motorola has reached out to developers with its Motorola RhoElements web-based application framework in an effort to populate the breeding ground for apps on...
Appcircus in Nairobi

App Circus comes to Nairobi, get creative

AppCircus which is a unique worldwide travelling showcase of creativity and innovativeness in app developers is coming to Nairobi this September the 10th. App Circus,...

Windows Phone Applications Developer at cross road

Recently i have been in a war of thoughts in terms of Windows Phones application development. I have been trying to catch up with the...

Firefox 5 Released

Firefox was has just met their promise to their users. Firefox 5 for Personal Computer and Android have been released today just three months...
pivot 25

Nokia sees potential for local developers in the global Kshs 1 trillion mobile marketing industry

Mobile applications development remains a key growth opportunity for East Africa’s technology sector driven by an emerging middle-class population with potential to buy smartphones...

Nokia and CNN launch a news app

Good news for Nokia E7 smartphones users. You can now watch the CNN latest international news on your hand palm. Nokia and CNN launched a...

What mobile research findings by TNS reveal

Mobile Life 2011, a study into Kenyan mobile phone use and behavior by TNS RMS  research revealed a significant level of growth in mobile literacy in Kenya...
Coca cola 200 ml bottle

Young Investors, are you learning something from coca cola?

Do you believe in the ten bob economy? Most of you would say no, yet you buy the small package of salt when you...

Nokia predicts internet to be the next growth frontier for economies

Mobile connectivity takes off in Africa. Nokia, the global mobile phone maker and solutions provider, sees mobile internet and applications as next growth frontier for...

Kenyan apps in Ovi Store grow by over 1900% in eight months

The number of mobile applications on the Ovi Store has grown by over 1600 percent in the last eight months indicating a sharp increase...

Ovi Apps offer great tips to keep fit in 2011

Ovi Apps offer great tips to keep fit in 2011 …apps to help people remain fit physically, economically and spiritually The first weeks of the...
open innovation

The open innovation Africa Summit – summing it up

Sustainable entrepreneurship. Innovation ecosystem. Technology platform. These are some of the catch-phrases bandied about during the first-ever Open Innovation Africa Summit, which was held...

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