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Google to Remove Close to 900,000 Apps From the Play Store

Google is booting out nearly 900,000 apps from the Play Store. The tech giant said that it's kicking out Android apps it deems outdated....

Here’s Why You Should Strictly Download Apps from the Google Play Store

Malware-ridden apps are everywhere and all of them are bad. You can get them from apps downloaded from the Google Play Store or if...

Delete These Compromised Android Apps Now

App Stores are continuously replenished with useful and essential tools, and some of them do not work as advertised. On the good side of...
Zone Launcher

Zone Launcher Makes It Easier to Access Your Apps with One Swipe

If you're on the lookout to experiment with new custom launchers for your Android device, then Zone Launcher is one to download. Android phones...

Delete These 24 Malware-Ridden Apps If You Have Them Installed

Each new day, Google removes malware-ridden apps on its Play Store. Cybersecurity firm CSIS Security Group recently revealed a new malware called Joker that...

Google Removes 85 Adware-Infected Gaming, Camera and Photo Editing Apps from the Play Store

The Google Play Store is the most popular and important app distribution platform on Android and its official nature makes threat actors publish innocent-looking...

238 Android Apps with 440m Installs Dodged Google Play Protect Rendering Devices Unusable

Almost 238 apps with over 440 million installs combined have been found to contain the BeiTaAd, a malware plugin that's been making users phones...
Android Apps

Top 5 Android Customisation Apps to Try out This Week

The beauty of Android is the customisation options it offers its users and making your phone stand out from the rest. Below we will...
Android apps

Top Selling Android Apps That Will Dominate 2016

Here is a simple guide on the best Android apps that will dominate the market through 2016. Some of this apps even come integrated...
Robert Ngeru - Samsung

Smartphone Growth in East Africa Poses enormous Business Potential – Robert Ngeru

Samsung Electronics East Africa today launched six android apps developed locally by Strathmore IT students. Speaking at the launch ceremony at Strathmore University's iLab...

Intel Shark Tank, Looking for New Talent in Kenya Mobile App Scene

So how far has mobile development come in the country, iHub and Intel decided to create an event to gauge this. The Intel Shark...
best iphone car apps

Six Mobile Apps that can Help You Save Money on the Road

Do you find that a significant percentage of your budget goes towards driving and maintaining your car? Today's technology makes it easier than ever...
Smartphone on a train

Tools Your eCommerce Business Can Use to Increase Your Effectiveness

Google has been trying to increase its presence on the web even further by offering additional tools and resources. While most of these are...

POC exploit for Android Signature Vulnerability Released in the Wild

Earlier this month Bluebox Security discovered a critical security issue with the Android OS. Researchers at the firm had found out that the mobile...

Must-have apps for Android and iOS

When Apple introduced iPhone in 2007, two things were exactly clear- Touchscreen era had begun and apps are the best way to add to...
Safaricom App Store

Looks like Safaricom App Store is ready to go

Some very many months ago, Safaricom announced that a brand new Safaricom App Store will be up  in a few months. In the same breath,  came...
Android to windows

Microsoft working on “Switch to Windows phone” app for Android

Microsoft is alleged to be working on an app to assist newbies in Windows phone who move from Android get an almost similar experience...
Bluestacks Windows 8 Android

Run Android apps on Windows 8 and Microsoft surface PRO

Thanks to the free bluestacks software we can now run android apps on windows.The newest version of Bluestacks brings functionality to Windows 8 and...
Galaxy Note II apps

Twelve apps you need on your Galaxy Note II

These are not your usual stylus (S Pen) apps that make the experience different in a huge way than other smartphones. Okay, call it...

5 Essential Android Apps for College Students

University life can take a lot of getting used to as college students enter the world of higher education. College life already comes with a...

Android App Review: SMART SHORTCUTS (IDEOS u8150 Series)

Home Screen Shortcut Management: Overview The native android 2.2 home screen interface comprises of a dedicated shortcut launcher for the "phone/applications menu/native-browser" services found at...

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