Google to Remove Close to 900,000 Apps From the Play Store


Google is booting out nearly 900,000 apps from the Play Store. The tech giant said that it’s kicking out Android apps it deems outdated.

The criteria to stay on the Google Play Store is that your app should meet the platform’s latest features and Google is also removing apps that have been neglected too.

Close to 869,000 Android apps failed to meet this criterion and will soon be removed or hidden in the Google Play Store. These apps according to a new report haven’t received any updates since 2020 and Google will stop showing them when you search them in the Play Store. This means that the apps won’t able to be downloaded by new users.

Developers of these apps have enough time to update their apps as Google gave a November 1 2022 deadline for them to push updates. Google says that apps need to target API level 29 for Android 10. At the moment the current API target is 33 for Android 13.

Apple is also set to remove close to 650,000 iOS apps that are yet to meet similar requirements.

Analyst firm Pixalate’s report adds that 68% of apps(3.1 million apps) on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store have been updated since 2020.

The report says that 84% of these apps had over 100 million downloads and had been updated in the past six months.

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