Android Apps

The beauty of Android is the customisation options it offers its users and making your phone stand out from the rest. Below we will look at five of the best apps that you can take advantage of to add a little bit of personal style to your phone and get more from your it:


The app gives you the new Android Pie notification panel on any device. It’s really fluid as you can reorganize all the toggles and you also get customization options such as having different colour themes for each notification, as well as customizing the colour of the notification panel.

You have a few more options in terms of the grid sizes plus adding your own profile picture and reorganizing the brightness slider position and its colour. You can also set up a trigger area so that if you can’t reach the top of the phone you can swipe in from the right or left-hand side and it will actually pull the panel down. [Get it here]

YouTube Vance

This app looks like the normal YouTube app except that it lets you play YouTube videos in the background. The app used to be more useful as it had picture-in-picture mode built-in but that was disabled for some reason. To play videos in the background, there’s a headphone button which when you click the video will actually play in the background so you can actually listen to music without any video playing as well as enjoy YouTube when your device is locked. [Get the APK Here]


Pixel 4D

This is a 3D wallpaper app that gives your wallpapers a parallax effect –  makes them look like they are moving when you tilt your phone. The app comes with a decent variety of wallpapers to fit your style. The wallpapers can be set as either lock screen wallpaper or home screen wallpaper. They are super crispy and come in categories such as abstract, space and superheroes. [Get it here]


For those who appreciate minimalism, this wallpaper app has got you covered, pun intended. The app even has a minimalistic design, no heavy features to bore you. [Get it here]

Navigation Gestures

This app has been around for a while. The app by XDA Developers basically brings iPhone X or the Android Pie-like navigation gestures to any phone. Before you run to hit install, note that getting this app requires some level of knowledge, you’ll have to use ADB and type in a command which will hide the navbar keys. The app does a pretty job of walking you through the whole process if you’re not using a rooted phone. After installing the app, you can customise your swipes akin to using the back button or the multitasking or make it such that a long press launches the Google Assistant. [Get it here]

Have fun customising your phone.


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