Delete These Compromised Android Apps Now


App Stores are continuously replenished with useful and essential tools, and some of them do not work as advertised. On the good side of things, folks running stores such as Google Play are always on the lookout for rogue apps, and when they find them, they are removed from the Store. Users are also warned to get rid of them in an attempt to make them safe.

This time around, cybersecurity firm Evina has identified 25 apps that were stealing their users’ Facebook credentials.

The Google team has already deleted them, so if you still have them on your device, then you should erase them too. The apps serve many popular functions such as file management, changing wallpapers, or games.

  1. Super Wallpapers Flashlight
  2. Padenatef
  3. Wallpaper Level
  4. Contour Level Wallpaper
  5. Video Maker
  6. Color Wallpapers
  7. Pedometer
  8. Powerful Flashlight
  9. Super Bright Flashlight
  10. Super Flashlight
  11. Solitaire
  12. Accurate Scanning of QR Code
  13. Classic Card Game
  14. Junk File Cleaning
  15. Synthetic Z
  16. File Manager
  17. Composite Z
  18. Screenshot Capture
  19. Daily Horoscope Wallpapers
  20. Wuxia Reader
  21. Plus Weather
  22. Anime Live Wallpaper
  23. iHealth Step Counter
  24. tqyapp.fiction
  25. iPlayer & iWallpaper

As seen from the list, the apps cut through some of the most functionalities smartphone users look for such as flashlight apps and wallpaper tools.

For some people, it is easy to spot these shady apps, or read about them on reputable sites. However, the majority of people might not be able to see them, and will likely have their Facebook credentials compromised.