Six Mobile Apps that can Help You Save Money on the Road

best iphone car apps

Do you find that a significant percentage of your budget goes towards driving and maintaining your car? Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to lower your driving expenses. The following apps, most of which are free for Android or iPhone, allow you to do everything from set a budget to find cheaper fuel in your area. Save on insurance, fuel, and maintenance by downloading the following six budget-friendly apps for motorists.

best iphone car apps1. My Cars

The first step to taking control of your finances is to set a firm budget. My Cars is an Android app that’s free to download, and it helps you keep track of all of your outgoings using handy logging tools. Log your fuel, your vehicle’s efficiency, and any maintenance visits. The app will alert you when it’s time to take your car in for servicing, and helps you stay on budget as a result. Although there are other expense logging apps, My Cars is unique because it allows you to manage more than one vehicle.

2. Top Cashback

There are a lot of cashback apps and websites, but Top Cashback is particularly well-suited to drivers. It lists cashback offers for insurance policies, car listings, and accessories purchases, among others. With an easy to navigate interface and a free download price, you can start saving immediately. The service also signs you up to receive discount vouchers for other types of purchases; whether they’re car-related or not.

3. WhatGas Petrol Prices

Save money at the pump by comparing prices using the WhatGas app. It compares fuel prices using user-submitted data, covering unleaded, diesel, and LPG fuel in your immediate vicinity and beyond. If you find out a cheaper option is just a few miles away, you’ve automatically saved money.

4. Motoring

If you’re in the market to buy a new or used car, doing research in advance can help you save money when the time comes for negotiating. The motoring app for iPad is a great source of car news, reviews, and videos of a wide range of models, which helps you to compare your options side by side. Information you glean from a car reviews could help you knock down the price when you reach the dealership, or simply help you find a more efficient vehicle.

5. AutoGuard Blackbox

Free for Android users, the AutoGuard Blackbox app helps you record your driving style with pictures and videos. This could be useful down the line if you have any insurance disputes, and also helps you analyse your driving style to see how you could become a more efficient motorist. The app starts working when you plug your smartphone into a car dock or connect using Bluetooth. It then takes video, while recording your speed, acceleration, altitude, and other pertinent figures.

6. iGasUp

Apps like iGasUp not only help you find cheaper prices on fuel; they also help you find the nearest gas station when you’re ready to fill up. This iPhone app works by automatically uploading data from credit card transactions taking place in the area. It uses these to compare petrol prices and present you with the ten cheapest options nearby.

These types of apps are easy to download and can help you start cutting corners to become a more efficient driver, save money on fuel, and enjoy your driving experience to the fullest.


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