Top Selling Android Apps That Will Dominate 2016

Android apps

Here is a simple guide on the best Android apps that will dominate the market through 2016. Some of this apps even come integrated into new Android devices. Google Play boasts having the greatest number of applications on its app store. This brief roundup showcases the apps that revolutionize functionality.

Metal Gear Rising

Metal Gear can be found on PS3, PC and XBOX 360. Finally it has landed onto the Android platform and can be accessed via smart phones. The graphics are just exceptional and this is clearly reflected on the price tag. It requires 5.5 GB storage to host it. The app is limited to NVIDIA Shield but comes with additional features such as cloud saves and achievements. It goes for $15.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

With millions of downloads worldwide it’s among the leading paid apps in rankings and predicted to be one of the best-selling gaming app on android this year. The game has great graphics and can be played by anyone irrespective of gender or age. With regular free updates the game remains entertaining to the user. When using this app you go into a new computer generated world where coming out might be difficult. Most reviewers consider Minecraft to be very addictive. For only $6.99 you can download this app.


This App is rated among the best music apps for android. It was among the pioneer music streaming apps launched. Millions of people around the globe stream their latest music through it. When on shuffle mode you can listen to whichever album or artist playlist. The premium subscription allows access to music without unnecessary interruptions. It allows you to hear music offline without being connected to the internet.

Push bullet

This unique app connects your PC or laptop to your smartphone via the web browser. With this app you can reply to text messages directly from the computer, view notifications and send texts too. Its best suited for answering texts while working on your computer. The monthly subscription is $4.99 while the monthly one is at $49.99. Available is a free version too.


This app helps save long articles you come across but do not have the time to read. Its browser extension capability and bookmark allows saving pages from your computer. When free just open the article saved in Pocket and enjoy it without troublesome ads. It works perfectly whether your phone is connected or disconnected to the internet.

AccuWeather Platinum

This is regarded as the best paid weather App on Android. It’s an all-inclusive app in terms of capabilities. It provides accurate details on current conditions, hourly predictions, three-week forecasts, TV video forecasts and animated radar maps. It provides notifications on the current temperature conditions. The App comes in a cool design with highly informative home screen widgets. Its costs a few dollars to download the app.


This is twitters live streaming video app, which has finally been incorporated into the Android platform. Its visual delivery is fantastic. Upload your own livestreams or view other peoples. You can selectively pick who you want to view your broadcasts. It has been listed by several review sites as the app of the year.

Adobe Premier Clip Pro

Adobe has provided most of its users with detailed video editors in particular the Adobe Premier Clip. This app allows video editing from your smartphone. You can also open your projects with Clip, present in Adobe’s video editor Pro version for desktop. Navigation through the app is easy with its simple. Am outstanding icon at the bottom right is responsible for commencing a new edit. Select the icon, import the video to be edited from your cloud or your device memory. You can even take a new pic or video altogether. There is an option for allowing an automatic edit or you can do it manually. The automatic edit option works perfectly saving you the time of engaging in complicated customization technicalities.