Samsung ChatON Now Has 100 Million Users



Samsung ChatOnSamsung has announced that its chat and instant messaging application, ChatON, has now amassed a user base of 100 million worldwide. ChatON has managed to rake in over 50 million new users since May last year when its user base stood at 50 million.

 ChatON comes preloaded on most Samsung devices since last year. It comes as a pre-installed app on both high end Samsung Galaxy devices and also some low cost Samsung devices including feature phones like the Samsung Ch@t series. It was also the standout application in last year’s Galaxy Chat smartphone. The first high end Samsung Galaxy device to come with ChatON pre-installed was the Galaxy S III and since then it has been available on all new devices from Samsung. ChatON is also available for all other Android devices as an app on the Google Play Store. Additionally, it is also found in all major mobile platforms i.e Windows, Blackberry and iOS.

With Samsung selling millions of its flagship Galaxy S devices, its Galaxy Note phablets and many others down in the device food chain, it is not surprising that this is possible in such a short time. Chat and instant messaging apps and clients are increasingly popular as has been witnessed by the rise of Kik and Whatsapp and has even got Blackberry itching to go multi-platform with its Blackberry Messenger app.

Out of the 100 million users, there is no word on how many are actively using the ChatON service.


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