BBM for Android and iOS Roll Out Halted Due to Leak


Blackberry’s most popular app, Blackberry Messenger was expected to be available on the Google Play Store (Android) yesterday 21st September at 3pm East African Time. That never happened. The iOS version of the app was expected to land on the App Store today September 22nd. This is currently not the case. BBM never debuted on Android and save for some lucky few iOS users in New Zealand the rest of the world is still waiting. And if Blackberry’s most recent communication is anything to go by, the wait could be a long one.

Earlier yesterday in the heat of the moment, anxiety levels were high and so were the expectations. That resulted in the leaked version of BBM for Android raking in around 1.1 million installs within the first 8 hours. The leaked app which Blackberry says was still under development is also very buggy and is being blocked by Blackberry.

There is no new date indicating when we’ll see BBM land on the two largest mobile platforms by user base. Some free advise to the folks at Waterloo: On Android things leak really well.

I laid my hands on the unreleased (leaked) version of the application and it seems the lockdown is already on as I couldn’t go anywhere past the registration page.



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