Microsoft wants HTC to Dual-boot Windows Phone and Android on its Devices

HTC 8x

HTC 8x

There is nothing wrong with looking across the fence and being overly ambitious but I think someone is really determined. Microsoft has been in secret talks with HTC to have the Taiwanese company dual-boot Windows Phone and Android mobile operating systems on its current broad line-up of Android devices.

HTC previously joined the Windows Phone family with well designed devices (as usual) like the HTC 8X but has since shown signs that it will focus all its energies on Android. With things not looking up for HTC, narrowing down its focus to a few devices on the Android seemed like a good idea and they have been doing well as far as delivering world class devices is concerned. Even then, the finances don’t look good and Redmond could be dangling the same carrot it won over Finnish handset maker Nokia with. HTC is in a vulnerable situation and any cash from Microsoft for the deal may be a lifeline for the company and the said deal could push through.

Windows Phone currently has a marketshare of a mere 3.7% though recent research show that it is gaining traction in Europe more than any other mobile platform. Microsoft is moving aggressively with its effort to popularize Windows Phone starting with the acquisition of Nokia’s handset business in a deal announced last month and set to be finalized early next year. With fewer OEMs showing signs of making devices running Windows Phone (either due to low marketshare or fear of Nokia’s dominance of Windows Phone), convincing them to include Windows Phone alongside other platforms like Android could be a big deal for Microsoft. Sony currently has no plans to release a Windows Phone device while LG, Samsung and HTC remain passive.


Source: Bloomberg


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