Oracle lays claim to Data Storage crown during Storage Summit

Ahmad Qawasmeh, Oracle Storage Director, Middle East and Africa at the Oracle Storage Summit

Oracle launched 3 storage products at the Crowne Plaza, during their Storage Summit. The products are ZS3, StorageTek T10000D and LTFS Library Edition.

Ahmad Qawasmeh, Oracle Storage Director,  Middle East and Africa during his keynote speech slated that “Oracle has and is working on Storage Engineered with Applications, Industry hardened Architecture and Enterprise-Grade Cloud Services.” He stated that Oracle is continually striving to improve efficiency, at lower costs with optimised performance.

Their strategy is to build hardware around their software and databases; this leads to a unified system having databases that are storage aware. Mr. Ahmad stated that Oracle is the best option as they avoid the API system and build the hardware with full knowledge of the software.

Their application engineered storage leads to:
• Higher Application performance
• Higher Storage Efficiency
• Risk Reduction
• Lower Hardware TCO
• Higher software ROI

According to Marc Staimer (Dragon Slayer Consulting) ~ “Oracle sees the database through the eyes, life and task of the database administrator. They engineer a symbiotic relationship between Oracle database and Oracle Storage”


At the event Oracle claimed that their products such as the ZF3 system can minimise I.T. work by 65% and have unrivalled price point performance. Their claim to the throne of Data Storage is supported through the following two benchmarks.

SPC-2 Price Performance Benchmark
New Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-4 achieves the highest ever Storage Performance Council SPC-2 Result for processing throughput and beats the price/performance ratio delivered by the IBM System Storage DS8870 and HP P9500 XP Disk Array by over 3x.

Latency Performance Oracle ZS3 – SPECsfs/NFS
Oracle’s new ZS3 storage delivers world-record SPECsfs2008_NFS overall response times, plus the combination of extreme throughput, and exceptional value to enable customers to run database systems faster and at lower cost than comparable NAS systems from NetApp.

Oracle also went through their new and astonishing Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) which offers unrivalled compression/decompression rates. Pieter de Wit, Principal Consultant, Oracle claims, “Oracle saves up to 40% in storage through HCC and offers 10x to 50x compression rates.”

For those in search of more information on their services and products click the following link to wind up at their website.


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