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Oracle, ICT Authority Training Program Targets Whitebox, Presidential Digital Talent Students

Cloud computing firm Oracle and ICT Authority have signed an MoU that will see the introduction of specialized training in the latest digital technologies,...

TikTok Sale to Oracle Shelved Indefinitely

The United States plan to force the sale of TikTok's American operations to American corporations has been shelved indefinitely, WSJ reports. This is thanks to...

Oracle Might Get Full Access to TikTok’s Source Code in Proposed Deal

The TikTok-US saga has been brewing since last month after Trump banned the app through an executive order. Later on, it was reported that...

Oracle Wins Bid To Manage US TikTok Operations

Oracle has won a deal to manage TikTok US cloud operations which puts an end to the battle for the Chinese company's assets on US soil.

[UPDATED] Oracle Reportedly in Talks to Acquire TikTok

Looks like every big tech company in the U.S wants to acquire a piece of the TikTok pie. Oracle is the latest. The enterprise...

With Data Sovereignty, Location Isn’t Everything

When talking cloud, one of the first questions on the table is around the physical location of data centers.
Cloud Security

Security Needn’t Be a Concern for Businesses Looking to Adopt Cloud Computing

If a company suffers a data breach they’re liable for it, regardless of where the breach occurred; they will be responsible for paying any regulatory fines or compensation to their customers and it is their brand that will suffer.
cloud computing

Taking The Best Approach to Cloud

IT procurement has historically been a long and complex process. Just setting requirements, conducting supplier reviews and doing proof of concepts could take months and even years. And that's before there is any visibility of the business outcome. The cloud changes that.
big data

DIY or Buy? Weighing up Infrastructure Options for Big Data

By Vicky Falconer Choosing how to implement your Big Data capabilities is critical; buying a complete solution could reap rewards Building your own big data capabilities...

Oracle Trumps Google in API Copyrighted Case

When Oracle brought an IP case against Google back in 2010 for the use of Java in its Android system, the Search Giant defended...

Business Benefits of Application Engineered Systems

Running business operations in the face of the information revolution presents several challenges to enterprise organizations. It is this problem that organizations seek to...

Oracle Delivers Enterprise Financial Planning and Budgeting in the Cloud

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service has been made generally available, opening up opportunities for organizations of all sizes to quickly adopt Oracle's planning...

Putting Big Data To Use Through Oracle’s Integrated Big Data Solution

Big data presents a new revenue source for Oracle as enterprises seek to gain insights on their operations from the social media, machine-generated data...

Oracle Acquires Bitzer Mobile, Targets BYOD Programs

Oracle has purchased Bitzer Mobile, a move that will greatly impact the BYOD market. Bitzer provides enterprise mobile management solutions allowing organizations to run...

Oracle, equipping Kenya for Big Data, Cloud and Social

Oracle, ICT, Big Data, Cloud, Social

Oracle Day to showcase Software Solutions for the Mordern Enterprise in a week’s time

Hear ye, hear ye! Oracle Kenya is set have its 3rd annual Oracle Day at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi on November 8th. The...

Oracle lays claim to Data Storage crown during Storage Summit

Oracle launched 3 storage products at the Crowne Plaza, during their Storage Summit. The products are ZS3, StorageTek T10000D and LTFS Library Edition. Ahmad...

Oracle Releases PeopleSoft 9.2

PeopleSoft is Oracle's response to the increasing demand for professional services. The new version of the application, ‘PeopleSoft 9.2’ is set to be released...
Safaricom Jimmy Mwangi

Meet Jimmy Mwangondi, Kenya’s only Oracle Certified Master Certificate holder

Jimmy Mwangondi of Safaricom is the only Kenyan and only 20th African to acquire Oracle Certified Master Certification. This is the most advanced DBA...

What to expect in Oracle’s business intelligence suite

Business intelligence (BI) is a vast category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to data to help enterprise users...
android patents

Apple and Microsoft in bed, plotting Android

The rate at which the android platform is growing is fast, 500,000 devices being activated each day is not a simple thing. This means...

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