Meet Jimmy Mwangondi, Kenya’s only Oracle Certified Master Certificate holder

Safaricom Jimmy Mwangi

Safaricom Jimmy Mwangi

Jimmy Mwangondi of Safaricom is the only Kenyan and only 20th African to acquire Oracle Certified Master Certification. This is the most advanced DBA certification in the industry designed for senior database professionals. Safaricom has this On-line program for staff for skills development called E-Class.

“As an employer of choice, we have made a conscious decision to invest in E-Class because it allows our staff to broaden their horizons in a manner that allows them to fit in their work and family schedules,” said Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

226 Safaricom Staff were recognized at a ceremony held today for the E-Class students with certifications on various disciplines and 32 more being honoured for attaining Prince 2 Project Management Practitioners qualifications.