Oracle Might Get Full Access to TikTok’s Source Code in Proposed Deal


The TikTok-US saga has been brewing since last month after Trump banned the app through an executive order. Later on, it was reported that Oracle won a deal to manage TikTok’s operations which was a surprise to all.

Well now, Bloomberg is reporting that Oracle will do more than that. Apparently to people familiar with the matter, they will also have full access to the app’s source code in a proposed deal. This is to ensure that there are no back doors used by the parent company to gather data on the 100 million American users.

Apparently, China is less likely to oppose the current deal since it doesn’t involve the transfer of Byte Dance’s algorithms. TikTok’s algorithms are what makes TikTok great and that makes a lot of sense. However, it is reported that Trump doesn’t like the idea of ByteDance retaining control of TikTok. Trump will apparently get a briefing on the issue on Thursday morning, US time.

TikTok’s problems started when Trump issued an executive order to ban the app’s operations on the US in 45 days. Later on, we saw reports of companies like Microsoft and Oracle being interested in acquiring TikTok. TikTok then swiftly decided to sue Trump’s administration for the executive order. This deal was probably too much for the CEO to handle so Kevin Mayer decided to resign from his post. Last week, it was revealed that Oracle won a bid to manage TikTok’s cloud operations which was a surprise to many.