Lenovo wants to take over troubled HTC



HTC has been in a lot of financial difficulties lately and Chinese device manufacturer Lenovo could be the saviour it badly needs.

HTC has had quite a troubled 2013. From delayed parts of the flagship HTC One to weak sales of the same device to patent settlements with Apple that drained its already scanty financial resources to the recent conclusion by a UK court that it infringed on Nokia patents. Never mind the troubled management at the company that has led to resignations, layoffs in HTC America and even prosecution of former employee for disclosing company secrets to outsiders.

Lenovo, a company that already enjoys a big marketshare of the Chinese smartphone market coming second only to Samsung and according to latest IDC data one of the largest OEMs, has been holding secret talks with HTC’s top brass over the last couple of months with its eyes set on a possible takeover of the Taiwanese company.

HTC’s unparalleled prowess in designing some of the most gorgeous smartphones the world has ever seen coupled with Lenovo’s huge market base could be a win win scenario for both companies and with Lenovo’s massive cash trove, could boost HTC’s marketing budget since it badly needs it to keep up with the likes of Apple and Samsung who are outspending each other marketing their flagship devices the world over.




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