Samsung considering a Galaxy Note 3 with fingerprint scanner

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There were reports that the Galaxy Note 3 would feature a fingerprint scanner. It never came out with one. Recent reports point that the fingerprint sensor was shelved at the last minute as it did not satisfy Samsung’s expectations. Seemingly, Samsung is yet to give up on the feature. With HTC set to release its won phablet, the One Max, with a fingerprint scanner and Apple already hogging all the limelight and attention with Touch ID, it is only a matter of time before the Koreans react.

A Galaxy Note 3 modified to include the fingerprint sensor is the most likely culprit. Korean news site ET News reports that Samsung is in the last stages of developing fingerprint recognition tech and has been working on making sure the fingerprint recognition module is ready with input from part suppliers CrucialTec and Parton. The device with the fingerprint scanner could be unveiled as early as late this year and the only headache that Samsung is experiencing is sai to be the placement of the fingerprint sensor since it wants to differentiate its fingerprint module from those already in existence like Apple’s Touch ID which is baked into the home button and the One Max’s which is expected to be at the back.

Is a fingerprint scanner a deal breaker in a smartphone today?