Korean and Japanese carriers testing first Tizen smartphone



Not long ago we saw that leaked video of the Z9005 Tizen-powered smartphone. It was a pointer that Samsung may finally release the long-awaited Tizen smartphone which unfortunately won’t have the honour of being the first Tizen device since that honour goes to the NX300M camera. We may not have to wait that long after all. Reports from sources in the Far East indicate that Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo and several South Korean carriers are already testing the first Tizen smartphone.

DoCoMo is understood to have been pressurizing Samsung to release the said device as early as January 2014 and if it has its way then we’re just two months away from the launch of a platform that may one day rise to challenge the current holders of the throne or as well be a big flop.

News that those carriers are testing a Tizen smartphone is no surprise at all since NTT DoCoMo and Korean carrier SK Telecom are both members of the Tizen Associaton, Tizen’s own version of the Open Handset Alliance that was formed to look into matters Android.

The device spotted on Samsung Korean website said to be DoCoMo’s is the SC-03F wich has a 720p screen and runs on Tizen 2.2.

Unfortunately we can just operate on rumours and vague dates at the moment since we have no definite timelines.


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