Christmas comes early to Blackberry 10 device owners: 25 days of free premium stuff


Blackberry still exists if you were wondering why you did not hear much about them in the frenzy that was this Black Friday. And theirs are “Black Friday” things that will last for close to a month. Blackberry is going big starting December 1st with a free premium download to users of Blackberry 10 devices everyday from the 1st of December through to Chrsitmas day (25th). That’s 25 days of free goodies from Waterloo!

25 days of gifts from blackberry

What do you need to get access to all those freebies that Blackberry will be throwing around come next month? The right device (read on), access to the Blackberry App World, obviously a data connection. That’s all. Blackberry has gone ahead to outline the simple steps you can follow to unlock your freebie of the day and they are:

  1. Visit BlackBerry World from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
  2. Tap on the 25 Days of Gifts banner.
  3. Select the app, game or movie displayed.
  4. Click on the FREE button to download your gift.
  5. Enjoy!

The offer is available on the following BB10 devices: Z10, Q10, Z30, Q5 and Porsche Design 9982 only. Unfortunately if you own one of those older Blackberry Bold devices or the Curve, you can only hate on this offer from the outside, you cannot get in. It is disappointing that even the 2012 Blackberry Porsche Design (9981) is also being left in the cold despite its owners spending a lot to get it and the least they can get is just access to the latest offers from Blackberry. It is understandable that Blackberry is busy promoting its new range of BB10 devices but the others deserve some love too.

You’ll need to be snappy too since each offer will last for just 24 hours. you never know, your most favourite app may be free on the same day you decide to travel for the holidays so you’ll need to be alert throughout December if you own any of the target devices. The gifts will vary depending on the Blackberry handset and the user’s location.


Source: Blackberry