Galaxy Grand Lite not the only ‘Lite’ Samsung device slated for a 2014 launch

samsung headquarters


The Galaxy Grand Lite is said to be Samsung’s newest addition to the Galaxy Grand family that will have some petty mid-range specs. Apparently it is not the only ‘Lite’ device curently in the works. There’s another one (either a 5.5 incher or a 5.7 incher) device that will be competing for the mid-range honours when the MWC 2014 is on: Galaxy Note 3 Lite. Don’t ask who decides what devices are named at  Samsung. I also have the feeling that such a name is not only long but will end up confusing a cross section of the would-be buyers. Names aside, the device will most likely have downgraded specs when compared with the Note 3.

A display lacking AMOLED, a dumbed down camera etc are some of the perks that such devices usually come with from Samsung. This device has been rumoured for a long time and I’m interested in seeing how it will stack up against the Moto G and whether it can come any closer to challenging the Moto G as far as pricing goes. If it will launch with the pointless high pricing of the Galaxy S4 Mini then the dumbed-down specs will be accounting for nothing. Not even the luxury of using an S Pen will make it favourable. The device has to appeal from the price point first before anything. It has to be a true cheap alternative of the Note else it will struggle to find its footing and will need tonnes of marketing to push it down consumers’ throats.



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