Bloggers will soon be publishing posts from Google Glass thanks to new WordPress plugin

Google Glass

Google GlassWe’ve all been mesmerized by the prospects of wearable tech over the last few years. Smart watches and smart glasses are the latest fad and everyone is making one. Google was the first to launch smart glasses and others are following suit. There is no shortage of rumours pointing to either Apple, Samsung and others making their own smart glasses. Everyone wants a piece of the cake. Unlike smart watches which are coming out at a faster rate, smart glasses present an interesting way of looking at things, literally! Thanks to augmented reality the prospects of gadgets like Google glass cannot be underrated. And soon those of us who call themselves bloggers will be able to blog in style: using Google Glass!


There’s a WordPress plugin developed by Weber Shandwick,  will cater for all your blogging needs while on the go or in the case of some fat bloggers, when you’re having a snack and suddenly something important you have to blog about comes up. The plugin, wpForGlass, currently does not have support for voice commands but the developers themselves hope to include them in coming updates.

Why would you need to blog via Glass? Well, its not always convenient to remove your sleek laptop from your backpack and hit the keyboard more so if you’re attending a crowded event and you’re standing or many other inconveniences that you get in your day to day engagements. Also, as much as smartphones have become so handy, they’re cumbersome (at least to me) for getting out great content. I am not sure if smart glasses will make the experience any better but it could come in handy when all you want to do is a few characters per sentence at an event when you’re doing a live blog. Of course this can’t be useful when you’re penning a 3000+ word device review.

If you are interested in checking out the plugin you can start from here and wish that you’ll have your own pair of Google Glass when it is eventually available to everyone.