Forget Lumia 525, leaked RM-977 could be Lumia 520’s real successor


Nokia’s Lumia 520, a device meant to woo the masses to the Windows Phone fold has the enviable title of the most popular and successful Windows Phone device ever. There are figures to show for it. The question in everyone’s mind is which Windows Phone device will eventually take over from the 520? We thought that that device may be the Lumia 525. However that did not turn out to be the case. Save for the increased RAM (doubled actually), the Lumia 525 is pretty much a grown up 520 and nothing more. This is why rumours of a possible Lumia smartphone with the model number RM-977 should light up some faces. The device is expected to be a direct upgrade of the Lumia 520.

A listing on Indian logistics site (the same place where we saw the SM W750V) shows that the mysterious RM-977 could be a dual-SIM Windows Phone. We’ve heard something about a dual-SIM Windows Phone through leakstar @evleaks; that it will be codenamed Moneypenny. Well, this could be it afterall. Maybe not. That makes all this feel awkward. Could this device be an Asha? No. The specs touted like a 4.5 inch touch screen put it much closer to a device like the 4.7 inch Lumia 625 than an Asha device.

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Maybe the RM-977 is Nokia’s own Moto G (wasn’t the Moto G, Motorola’s -and Google’s- own Lumia 520?) since it is expected, if it turns out that indeed it exists, to be a cheap device just like the Lumia 520 is.

Incase it happens to be what we think it is, expect the RM-977 to pack some mid-range specs while still maintaining the affordable price that the Lumia 520 spoilt the market with.


Via: WMPoweruser

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