Samsung still interested in a share of the Windows Phone market, preparing a new device [SM-W750V]

Samsung ATIV S

Nokia’s Lumia line of Windows Phone smartphone has become so synonymous with the platform that you’ll think that there exist no other Windows Phone device maker. You’ll be excused for making that assumption though since everywhere you turn you’re likely to be staring right into a Nokia PureView lens on some random Lumia. Yes those 8Ses and 8xes and W somethings are rare just like the ATIVs thanks to the rise and rise of Nokia’s Lumia brand and of course recent happenings like the acquisition of the Finnish company by Microsoft, the maker of Windows Phone.

Unlike Motorola which Google bought but receives no preferential treatment as far as matters Android go, Nokia finds itself in the unique position of pushing a single platform single-handedly (see what I did there?) thanks to its earlier exclusivity deals with Redmond and the recent full acquisition. As such, it is almost guaranteed a huge slice of the marketshare and current numbers put that slice to be at 90%. That’s huge. What about the others? They still exist and if recent sightings on Zauba are anything to go by then Samsung still has its eyes on the platform.

sm w750v   Export Data  Import Data  Price   Zauba

The SM-W750V which was sited on Indian shipping company Zauba’s site (see screengrab below) is expected to be the first Windows Phone from Samsung in a while. There is no mention of the specs but you know what the mention of Samsung means. Not some high number of pixels on the back camera but some high specced device as far as the display and the processor go. Only time will tell what the device will have internally that can excite us but this must be good news to Microsoft which has recently been said to not only be courting the likes of HTC and Huawei so as to dual-boot Windows Phone on Android devices but even Samsung itself.




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