Microsoft also Approached Samsung and Huawei for Windows Phone Dual Booting on their Android Devices


Windows-Android Galaxy Tab render

If last week’s news that Microsoft has been holding secret talks with troubled Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC to dual boot its Windows Phone mobile operating system on its current and future devices that will obviously run Android left you in shock then you are in for more surprises. It is coming out that Microsoft was holding the talks on a much larger scale than previously thought.

[READMicrosoft wants HTC to Dual-boot Windows Phone and Android on its Devices]

Microsoft apparently has been in touch with Samsung and Huawei, separately asking the two companies to consider offering Windows Phone on most of their devices as a dual boot option. Samsung is said to be even in very advanced stages of making that happen with a tablet set to be released in early 2014. That tablet, possibly the Galaxy Tab 2014 Edition could be what was previously thought to be the 12.2 inch Galaxy Note that never materialized and instead we got a 10.1 inch Galaxy Note 2014 Edition.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out to be. We already saw the ATIV Q, a tablet and laptop convertible with a super display that runs both Android Jelly Bean and Windows 8 so dual booting what Microsoft has to offer with Samsung’s traditional Android offerings won’t be such a big deal. As for Huawei, they have been in the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon but just like everyone else, with just one finger dipped in and the rest all out on Android.


Source: UV