Galaxy S5 could feature head gesture control feature

Samsung Galaxy S5 design

We are already hearing too much about Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S5. This is another one about the possible add-on features that we’ll see Samsung bundle the S5 with when it is eventually announced in mid-March or thereabout.

As per a patent application filed way back in July 2013, several months after the Galaxy S4 was announced, Samsung could be bundling head gesture controls in its 2014 flagship smartphone. July 2013 to this moment is enough time for this feature to have undergone enough internal testing and included in the phone we’re going to see in coming months. Also, it is not far fetched since Samsung devices already have features like Smart Pause and Smart Scroll which work by tracking your eye movement when holding up your device to initiate actions like scrolling up and down a web page or document and pausing or playing video.

What inspires this? Probably the idea that there are those moments when even your hands (hand gestures) cannot be effectively used to interact with your phone. Like when you’re cooking, driving or doing something else that requires you to soil your hands somehow. A simple head movement to move to the next web page when you’re knee-deep into your baking may be just what you need to become a great chef thanks to that recipe you stumbled on online.

Companies do apply for very many patents and this European Patent application number 13175242.0 of 5th July 2013 may be just another patent. However, the potential it holds should Samsung go ahead and implement it in its 2014 devices starting with the Galaxy S5 is huge. As long as they make a serious case about it, optimize it well and make us want to use then we’ll be fine. It should not turn out to be just another gimmicky feature.

Via: Galaxy Club