AirWatch Adds Containerized Email to BYOD Suite


Android’s popularity has pushed the demand for mobile solutions in the enterprise IT departments. Having captured 81% of the smartphone market, Android devices are the unprecedented components in modern IT environments. This creates great demand for MDM (mobile device management) platforms where BlackBerry solutions still control the market. Other players – MobileIron, AirWatch – are making strategic moves to increase their market share with IBM’s acquisition of FibreLink being one of the latest events in this space.

The separation of personal and enterprise data is critical for the success of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions and the AirWatch Inbox is created upon this idea. This solution expands the AirWatch enterprise platform by offering a managed application or email solution within a virtualized AirWatch Workspace. This includes enforcement policies around bandwidth, sync control, independent passcode, data encryption in-transit and at rest. Other security features include multi-factor authentication and advanced certificate integration.

AirWatch Inbox is available on iOS and Android devices at a monthly fee of $1 per device. The solution can also be purchased at a one-time fee of $20 per device, the annual maintenance fee for this package is set at $4 per device.


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