Total Cost of Ownership For Blackberry Enterprise Lowest In BYOD Industry


BES 10 has received a huge boost in its fight for the enterprise mobility market. According to Strategy Anaytics, Blackberry Enterprise suite is the most cost effective BYOD management suite for the enterprise. The main factors contributing to this approval are the Enterprise Server License Trade-up program offered by the vendor, impact of BlackBerry Software Assurance across its Advanced and Premium support categories, and the availability of tiered support categories.

“The report exemplifies why BlackBerry is the only company that can support the full range of EMM requirements, from the most secure to the most open BYOD environments. Customers also recognize the additional security provided from our global NOC infrastructure. No other company has this range of capabilities and we will work diligently to earn the trust of enterprise customers globally,” says John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions, BlackBerry.

Across different sectors, customers have been lured by free licence migration via BlackBerry’s EPZ Pass migration program. This has seen organizations move from other MDM providers (AirWatch, Mobile Iron, Good Technolgy) to BES10. Over 800,000 licenses have been issued through the EPZ Pass program. Some of the highlights from the study are listed below:

  • Lowest TCO for commercial EMM deployments: BlackBerry offers an implementation and service package that is substantially cheaper than any of its competitors for the EMM package.
  • Lowest TCO for EMM deployments in regulated and high-security environments: Even in a fully regulated environment where BlackBerry offers the highest form of security, it also proves to be the lowest cost solution based on a 5 year TCO.
  • Highest security: CIOs and IT decision makers listed BlackBerry as the most secure solution. The report concluded that competitors do not offer the same level of IT policies and compliance controls as BlackBerry and cannot deliver a similar end-to-end security model.
  • Scope of EMM capabilities: BES10 offers the most comprehensive set of capabilities for the broadest range of customers, including regulated, enterprise and SMBs.